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Choy Lee Fut History & Lineage

Choy Lee Fut was founded by Chan Heung (陳享) [Mandarin: Chén Xiǎng]. He was fortunate enough to have trained with three masters who each taught him different aspects of the rich tradition of the Shaolin Temple.

Immediately after Chan Heung started teaching, in addition to the multitude of schools that were instructing the general public, the complete system was being trained behind closed doors. Its practitioners were members of the Chan family and their close disciples. In this way, the responsibility of passing the tradition to the next generation fell to the Jeung Mun Yan (keeper of the style) or the son who showed the most aptitude for Kung Fu and Qigong.

Below are the 5 Jeung Mun Yan from the style’s founder to our teacher (and 5th generation Jeung Mun Yan). Click the names to learn more about each master.

You can also find out more about some of the texts/couplets in Choy Lee Fut: