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Chan Family Levels & Ranks

This is the structure of progression/rank inside the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong system. This ranking system has been followed since Grand Master Chen Yong Fa has started teaching the system to the general public over 30 years ago. Although some Chan Family schools worldwide have some additional ranking systems (eg. coloured belts) that are appropriate to the students of that country, the levels shown here are the common Chan Family heritage worldwide.

Hung Sing Gwoon

The Hung Sing Gwoon levels are graded/attained on skill and knowledge in the Chan Family system.

Wing Sing Tong

The Wing Sing Tong levels are graded/attained on the above criteria, plus dedication, loyalty and personality traits embodying the martial code (Mo Duk). Learn more about the Wing Sing Tong here.

Higher levels

Higher Wing Sing Tong levels (including disciples) are graded/attained on the above criteria plus their contribution to the international Chan Family and the future of Choy Lee Fut. Learn more about the Disciples of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa, including the list of disciplies here.

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