Lohan Qigong

The Chinese believe everything can be classified as either Yin or Yang and that these are complementary opposites. The quality of Yin & Yang can be affected by the four seasons, our work and lifestyle, our five internal organs, our energy states and our emotions. When Yin & Yang are out of balance, the disharmony can lead to stress, low energy levels, exhaustion and poor general health that lead to different types of physical and mental illness.

Qi, broadly speaking, is the vital life force endorsed by controlled breathing, posture and mental thought. The effective regulation of Qi is vital to one’s well being.

Gong is the physical actions of the muscular-skeletal system that follow the intention of Qi and thought to relax and stretch.

A combination of gentle movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness can help us re-establish and restore the yin-yang balance of the human body. It can strengthen our body and cultivate our mind to ensure we can live a long and healthy life. Lohan Qigong practitioners can explore simple practice or learn the deep inter-relationships that Traditional Chinese Medicine has with the Lohan Qigong system.

Through seated and moving meditation, one calms and builds the spirit to be free from stress. Gentle meridian and acupoint massage provides immediate comfort during practice.

Lohan Qigong promotes relaxed body movements to calm the mind, harmonise our health and simulate our vital energy. With gentle breathing and exercise that stimulate the San Jiao (三膲 – the triple warmer), one learns to enhance and guard the Three Treasures:

  • Jing (精): Healthy essence and vitality
  • Qi (氣): Vital energy or life force
  • Shen (神): Mindfulness or spirituality

The extensive Lohan Qigong system contains the following components:

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong