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(All classes are on Zoom for the remainder of Sydney’s lockdown)

  • Learn from the martial tradition of the Shaolin temple
  • The Sydney school is Chinatown’s oldest school and the headquarters of Choy Lee Fut in 17 countries
  • All instructors have 10-30 years’ experience teaching locally, nationally & internationally
  • Start any time regardless of your experience or fitness level
  • Classes available Monday, Wednesday + Friday nights
  • Zoom classes tailored for home-based training





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    Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective fighting method and martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork.


    Benefits of our kung fu program include:

    • Get regular exercise at the level of intensity that suits you
    • Improve strength, fitness, flexibility and agility
    • Increase mental focus, stamina and confidence
    • Develop practical self-defence and fighting skills
    • Be part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back to the Shaolin temple


    Mon + Wed Nights
    Beginners Class

    • Learn the basic stances, punches and kicks of Choy Lee Fut
    • Get an introduction to the fundamental forms and weapons of the system
    • For more information, click here see the full program

    Friday Nights
    San Da Class

    • This class is more focussed on fitness, combinations & fighting applications
    • It is more physically demanding but can still be done at your own pace
    • For more information, click here see the full program


    Are classes online or in person?

    Due to the Sydney lockdown, all classes are on Zoom, once you register for classes at the top of the page you’ll get the joining details. Once the lockdown ends for indoor exercise activities, the school will reopen and classes will move to the school. We will endeavour to continue providing some form of online classes as well depending on member demand and the COVID situation.

    Which classes can I attend?

    You can go to all the beginners and San Da classes over a 7 day period from the day you attend your first class, ie. up to 3 classes.

    What happens after the trial?

    If you want to keep training you can get a pass here.

    How much do the classes cost?

    There are a number of pass packages, the longer a training period you pay for the cheaper it is. Click here to see the passes.

    Do I need to be a particular fitness level?

    Definitely not! You can start Choy Lee Fut at any age up to about 60. Our classes are designed to allow students to learn according to their abilities. If you have any medical conditions or injuries, the instructor will probably give you some extra pointers and/or customise some of the exercises for you; just provide more info in the comments field when registering for your trial.

    Do I need to have done any martial arts before?

    Definitely not! The Choy Lee Fut approach to learning from absolute beginners to advanced does not require any previous martial arts training. If you have trained another style before (whether Chinese or not), this can make it easier for some people to pick up the principles of Choy Lee Fut but this isn’t universal either. Your best bet is to do the trial and see how you feel.

    How is Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu different to other styles?

    Choy Lee Fut is a combination of the powerful hand techniques from Southern China mixed with the dynamic leg attacks of Northern China. It contains both external and internal aspects, as well as an extensive curriculum of fist forms, weapons and Shaolin wooden dummies. Finally, the style contains both punches/kicks as well as grappling/takedowns although the beginner will be learning the punches/kicks first.

    Is there contact during in-person classes?

    In class, students practice on focus pads bags and do two person drills which are all controlled activities. The Friday night San Da classes have more contact including sparring, however this is always calibrated to each person’s level of experience.