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About Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong

Choy Lee Fut [蔡李佛] (Mandarin: Cài Lǐ Fó) is a complete system of kung fu, qigong and lion dance.

Kung Fu

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective fighting method and martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork, Choy Lee Fut combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of southern styles with the versatile kicks of the northern systems and includes fist forms, weapons and Shaolin wooden dummies.


Lohan Qigong is a complete system of qigong. The system combines the therapeutic aspects of traditional Shaolin Qigong techniques with the footwork and use of the body that makes Choy Lee Fut famous. The system improves health, vitality and martial technique through relaxed movement, meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lion Dance

Lion dance, dragon dance & unicorn dance are rituals and performances from traditional Chinese culture that both utilise and improve Kung Fu and Qigong skills.


The Choy Lee Fut lineage is deeply rooted within the Shaolin Temple. It was founded by Chan Heung whose training included teachers from both the Northern Shaolin and Southern Shaolin traditions. This is one reason why Choy Lee Fut is so versatile. Chan Heung also established a code of ethics for practitioners to follow, so that skill in fighting (Kung Fu) and healing (Qigong) would be accompanied by martial virtue (Wu De/Mo Duk – 武 德). Chan Family Choy Lee Fut also has a traditional system of levels and ranks including the Wing Sing Tong and the disciples of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa.

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong