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Choy Lee Fut Fist Forms

In Chinese martial arts, forms are pre-defined routines performed by one or more practitioners for practice. Contrary to popular misconceptions, traditional form training in Kung Fu is very effective for fighting and is part of an all-rounded martial arts education.

Because our founder Chan Heung learned from a number of teachers and integrated a number of Kung Fu styles into his practice (taking the effective aspects of each), Choy Lee Fut has one of the highest number of forms in Kung Fu, with over 180.

Choy Lee Fut fist forms are divided into the primary, secondary and tertiary level. In addition to being a library of techniques, Choy Lee Fut forms focus on training particular types of energy or movement, to make an all-rounded fighter.

Choy Lee Fut has both solo fist forms as well as sparring forms for 2 or more people (which focus on applications since the practitioner is being attacked by their opponent). Below is a list of the solo fist forms.

Primary Level

  1. Ng Lun Ma (五輪馬) – Five Wheel Horse
  2. Ng Lun Choy (五輪捶) – Five Wheel Fist
  3. Siu Moi Fa Kuen (小梅花拳) – Little Plum Blossom Form
  4. Peng Kuen (平拳) – Level Form
  5. Peng Jang Kuen (平肘拳) – Level Elbow Form
  6. Siu Sup Ji Kuen (小十字拳) – Small Cross Pattern Form
  7. Sup Ji Jit Fu Kuen (十字截虎拳) – Cross Pattern Blocking the Tiger Form
  8. Sup Ji Kau Da Kuen (十字扣打拳) – Cross Pattern Striking Form
  9. Tit Jin Cheung Kuen (鐵箭長拳) – Iron Arrow Long Form
  10. Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen (工字伏虎拳) – I Pattern Taming the Tiger Form

Secondary Level

  1. Sei Mun Kiu (四門橋) – Four Door Bridge
  2. Jau Saang Ma (走生馬) – Run the Live Horse
  3. Siu Baat Gwa Kuen (小八卦拳) – Small Eight Trigrams Form
  4. Baat Gwa Saam Kuen (八卦心拳) – Heart of the Eight Trigrams Form
  5. Dai Baat Gwa Kuen (大八卦拳) – Big Eight Trigrams Form
  6. Moi Fa Baat Gwa Kuen (梅花八卦拳) – Plum Flower Eight Trigrams Form
  7. Yi Jung Baat Gwa Kuen (義壯八卦拳) – Strong Righteousness Eight Trigrams Form
  8. Daat Ting Baat Gwa Kuen (達亭八卦麒拳) – Daat Ting’s Eight Trigrams Form
  9. Hung Yan Baat Gwa Kuen (熊人八卦拳) – Bear Man Eight Trigrams Form
  10. Dou Fu Baat Gwa Kuen (斗虎八卦拳) – Fighting Tiger Eight Trigrams Form
  11. Ng Ying Dai Baat Gwa Kuen (五形大八卦拳) – Five Animals Big Eight Trigrams Form
  12. Ngoi Lim Bik Daat Soi Sau Yam Yeung Gung (外粘逼打碎手陰陽功) – Internal Force Smashing and Breaking the Hands Yin/Yang Exercise
  13. Jo Yau Dan Teu Kuen (左右單腳拳) – Left Right Single Legged Form

Tertiary Level

  1. Baak Mou Kuen (白毛拳) – White Hair Form
  2. Fut Jeung Kuen (佛掌拳) – Buddha Palm Form
  3. Jei Baat Sin Kuen (醉八仙拳) – Eight Drunken Immortals Form
  4. Lung Ying Baat Gwa Jeung Kuen (龍形八卦掌拳) – Dragon Eight Trigram Palms Form
  5. Lung Fu Kuen (龍虎拳) – Tiger and Dragon Form
  6. Fu Ying Kuen (虎形拳) – Tiger Form
  7. Lung Ying Kuen(龍形拳) – Dragon Form
  8. Sei Ying Kuen(蛇形拳) – Snake Form
  9. Hok Ying Kuen(鶴形拳) – Crane Form
  10. Pao Ying Kuen(豹形拳) – Panther Form
  11. Si Ying Kuen(獅形拳) – Lion Form
  12. Jeung Ying Kuen(象形拳) – Elephant Form
  13. Ma Ying Kuen(馬形拳) – Horse Form
  14. Hau Ying Kuen(猴形拳) – Monkey Form
  15. Biu Ying Kuen(鑣形拳) – Deer Form
  16. Ng Ying Kuen (五形拳) – Five Animals Form
  17. Sup Ying Kuen (十形拳) – Ten Animals Form
  18. Yam Yeung Noi Nim Sau (陰陽內粘手) – Yin Yang Internal Sticky Hands
  19. Cheun Lung Sup Baat Gaak (穿龍十八格) – Penetrating Dragon Eighteen Patterns
  20. Noi Jong Sup Baat Gaak (內藏十八格) – Internal Hidden Eighteen Patterns
  21. Tung Yan Dim Yeuk Fa (銅人點穴法) – Copper Man Acupressure Point Method
  22. Kam Na Nim Fa (擒拿粘法) – Kam Na Sticky Method
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