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About the Wing Sing Tong

Wing Sing Tong was the originally the name of our founder Chan Heung’s clinic that accompanied his school. From the very start of Choy Lee Fut, healing and serving the community was considered as important a pursuit as the practice of Kung Fu and Qigong.

Since Grand Master Chen Yong Fa began to teach the Chan Family system to the general public over 30 years ago, the Wing Sing Tong has come to mean the international organisation of Masters and Disciples entrusted with passing Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Lohan Qigong to the next generation. True to the spirit of the original Wing Sing Tong, this also includes involvement in the community and serving the general public.

Each country with Chan Family accredited schools has slightly different requirements for students to join classes (as is appropriate to each country/society). The Wing Sing Tong internationalises this. All members of the Wing Sing Tong, regardless of which country they are in, have done the following:

  • Trained in the system and reached a high level of proficiency
  • Given of themselves to assist the Chan Family and the propagation of the system’s treasures
  • Taught at Chan Family schools
  • Exhibited martial morality (Mo Duk/Wu De) to the highest degree, as taught by our founder Chan Heung

Those who have been accepted by Grand Master Chen Yong Fa for discipleship have done the above, and much more, for many years and decades.

See the list of Disciples and Masters here.

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