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Classes are back at the school, click here for our full covid-safety plan

  • Learn from the martial tradition of the Shaolin temple
  • The Sydney school is Chinatown’s oldest school and the headquarters of Choy Lee Fut in 17 countries
  • All instructors have 10-30 years’ experience teaching locally, nationally & internationally
  • Start any time regardless of your child’s experience or fitness level
  • Classes on Sunday mornings


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    Due to the current spike in cases, kids classes will be online only until 13th Feb 2022, if you'd like to do a trial while classes are online please contact us here

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    Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is not just a martial art in the Shaolin tradition, it is a complete training system ideal for developing not only the health aspects but discipline, concentration and balance.


    Benefits of our kids program include:

    • Discipline and respect
    • Self-confidence and accountability
    • Concentration and balance
    • Co-ordination, dexterity and improved reaction
    • Fitness and stamina
    • Practical self-defence skills
    • Friendship and interaction with classmates


    Sunday Mornings
    Beginners Class

    • Choy Lee Fut basics, stances, punches & kicks
    • Safe & supervised introduction to Choy Lee Fut’s forms as well as Shaolin weapons
    • For more information, click here see the full program


    Are classes online or in person?

    In line with the NSW reopening, classes will commence at the school from 11th Oct 2021 for students with proof of double vaccination and masks. Click here for full details.

    What happens after the trial?

    If you want to keep training you can get a pass here.

    How much do the classes cost?

    There are a number of pass packages, the longer a training period you pay for the cheaper it is. Click here to see the passes.

    At what age is it best for my child to start?

    Usually at 6 onwards they should be ready to start. However each child is different so the best way to tell is to have them do the free trial. Once a child is around 15, it’s usually appropriate for them to transition to the adults program, where the training will still be tailored for them.

    What steps are taken to provide safe classes?

    Our children’s classes are tailored to ensure the health and well-being of each child. The beginners’ class program is basic and is also tailored for younger children; there is an outlet for older kids to do more advanced training in the intermediate class, see the full program here. All instructors have first aid certificates and a Working With Children check.

    Is there contact during in-person classes?

    Children will have contact with some soft pads but there is no child-to-child contact without permission of the parents. Actual sparring is reserved for the adults class.