Active Kids

Choy Lee Fut Sydney is an approved Active Kids provider. This means that you can use the 2 annual $100 vouchers provided by the NSW government for each child on Kung Fu class passes.

Using your 2 x $200 annual vouchers

  1. Click here to apply for your vouchers with Service NSW. Each child needs to be between 4.5 and 18 years old and enrolled in school and you need to be a Medicare card holder.
  2. When buying a pass, choose Kids Passes or Family Bundles and select how many Active Kids vouchers you will be using. The discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.
  3. The checkout page will also ask for the information we need to process your vouchers, namely each child’s: (A) name, (B) date of birth and (C) the code for the voucher.
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