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Disciples and Masters

NOTE: Only the Disciples and Masters listed on this page are associated with the Chan Family.

Below are the Disciples of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa. They have been entrusted by Grand Master Chen Yong Fa with the responsibility of propagating Chan Family Choy Lee Fut and Lohan Qigong worldwide:

  • Dragon Disciple Mark Whelan (Australia)
  • Dragon Disciple Barry William Hale (Australia)
  • Dragon Disciple Grzegorz Ciembroniewiecz (Poland) [in memoriam*]
  • Dragon Disciple Sergio Arione (Canada)
  • Tiger Disciple Paul Nomchong (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Alan Baxter (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Alex Chung (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Carlos Fraile (Spain)
  • Tiger Disciple Chris Wong (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Craig Davenport (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Geni Martinez (Spain)
  • Tiger Disciple Hector Rojo Gomez (Mexico)
  • Tiger Disciple James Lui (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Janusz Koryczan (Poland)
  • Tiger Disciple Jeremy Louie (Australia)
  • Tiger Disciple Joanna Skamla (Poland)
  • Tiger Disciple Joao Chasse (Portugal)
  • Tiger Disciple Kieran Tong (USA)
  • Tiger Disciple Louise Koblenz (Chile)
  • Tiger Disciple Lucas Arione (Canada)
  • Tiger Disciple Neva Morales (Venezuela)
  • Tiger Disciple Sabina Goraj-Chabowska (Poland)
  • Tiger Disciple Thomas Fuhr (USA)
  • Tiger Disciple Tomasz Chabowski (Poland)
  • Tiger Disciple Wojciech Konopka (USA)
  • Leopard Disciple Rafael Francisco Ruiz Rodríguez (Spain)
  • Leopard Disciple Callum White (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Crystal Mansfield (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple David Collins (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Dominic Ferland (Canada)
  • Leopard Disciple Eduardo Polania (Colombia)
  • Leopard Disciple Juan Francisco Lopez Calderon (Spain)
  • Leopard Disciple Jude Davenport (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Kenneth Chu (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Kevin Albors Romero (Spain)
  • Leopard Disciple Krzysztof Rodek (Poland)
  • Leopard Disciple Laird Trimble (Canada)
  • Leopard Disciple Michael Fridman (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Miguel Turbau Valls (Spain)
  • Leopard Disciple Piotr Durski (Poland)
  • Leopard Disciple Rebecca Bau (Australia)
  • Leopard Disciple Susan Bickel (Australia)

Additional leopard disciples will be announced by Grand Master Chen Yong Fa in 2018.

*It is with great sadness that we announce that Sifu Grzegorz Ciembroniewicz tragically passed away on Wednesday 5th April 2017.