Choy Lee Fut Sydney Kung Fu Program

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective fighting method and martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork.

Our style combines the rapid-moving Southern fists with the explosive Northern kicking combinations, expressed in the famous Chinese martial arts saying: 南拳北腿 (naam keun bak teui: “Southern fists, Northern legs”).

Choy Lee Fut includes a large number of fist forms, traditional weapons as well as over 18 Shaolin wooden dummies, designed to improve all aspects of the martial arts practitioner.

The beginners program is designed to expose students to a wide range of movements in Choy Lee Fut. You will train to move in a relaxed and continuous manner without focusing as much on the details of each form. To give you an overview of the system, you will learn key sections of the basic forms outlined below.

The intermediate program is designed to drill students in the details. You will train the same forms but learn them all the way through, as well as train the details, as well as the different types of power that each form generates.

Students are accepted into the intermediate class after grading. Beyond the intermediate class, there is a custom-made advanced/instructors training program.

San Sau

  • These are basic unarmed combinations, designed for using Choy Lee Fut for fighting application
  • They are made up of hand techniques and kicks, plus the principles for flowing from one movement to another
  • There are 9 basic combinations in the program, as well as variations

Fist Forms

  • Each fist form trains a different set of principles and different types of movement
  • You’ll start with the fundamental forms of 五輪馬 (Ng Lun Ma – Five Wheel Horse) and 五輪捶 (Ng Lun Choy – Five Wheel Fist)
  • You’ll continue to 小梅花拳 (Siu Moi Fa Kuen – Little Plum Blossom), 平拳 (Ping Kuen – Level Fists), 十字截虎拳 (Sup Chi Jit Fu Kuen – Cross Pattern Blocking the Tiger Form).
  • Other forms include 走生馬 (Jau Saang Ma – Run the Live Horse) and 平肘拳 (Ping Jang Kuen – Level Elbows)


  • In addition to direct fighting applications, each weapon helps train a different aspect of unarmed combat
  • The basic weapons you’ll learn are 双 夾 单 棍 (Seung Gub Dan Gwan – Single & Double Headed Pole) and 梅 花 单 刀 (Moi Fa Daan Dou – Plum Blossom Sabre)
  • Some more advanced weapons in the program include 小梅 花双刀 (Siu Moi Fa Seung Dou – Little Plum Blossom Double Sabre), 青龍劍 (Ching Lung Gim – Azure Dragon Sword) and 碎手扇 (Soi Sau Sin – Breaking the Hands Fan)


  • The wooden dummies are Choy Lee Fut’s most unique aspect and some of the greatest treasures of the Shaolin system
  • You’ll start off with the 沙包樁 (Sa Ba Jong – Sand Bag Dummy)
  • You will continue to the 称樁 (Ching Jong – Weighed/Balance Dummy)
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong