Lohan Qigong Forms

Lohan Qigong forms are an important aspect of our Qigong system. Together with the other sections and medical knowledge they form a complete system for health, longevity and improving martial skill.

Below are the key Lohan Qigong forms:

  • Sup Baat Lo Han (十八羅漢) – Eighteen Arhats. The most basic form, this stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments and uses the movement of the body to generate qi movement.
  • Siu Lo Han (小羅漢) – Small Arhat. This form is more flowing and circular, using the breath to generate qi movement. It consists of three sections corresponding to the Three Treasures (三寶) or shen (神) – mind, qi (氣) – breath and jing (精) – essence.
  • Dai Lo Han (大羅漢) – Big Arhat. This form uses the mind to generate qi movement. During the form the practitioner is sitting, kneeling and laying down, each section containing its own meditation exercises.
  • Ng Wan Luk Hei (五運六氣) – Five Transports Six Breaths. This form combines aspects of the previous forms with circular movement and footwork.
  • Tai Git Kuen/Taijiquan (太極拳) – Grand Ultimate Form. This form is based on the yin and yang principle, combining circular movements in the wrist and back with martial applications.
  • Mou Git Kuen/Wujiquan (無極拳) – Limitless Form. One of the most advanced forms in the Choy Lee Fut system, this fully explores the martial applications of Lohan Qigong. Performing this form well is often the culmination of years and decades of both Qigong and Kung Fu practice.
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong