Hung Sing Gwoon (洪聖館)

When Chan Heung returned to his home village of Ging Mui from his training with the Shaolin monk Choy Fook, he opened up a school in Ging Mui that he called Hung Sing Gwoon (洪聖館) or Great Sage Hall. Since then, every Choy Lee Fut school that teaches the public is called a Hung Sing Gwoon.

The Hung Sing Gwoon couplet is written in classical Chinese and its calligraphy is displayed by every Hung Sing Gwoon school above the front altar. The middle says Hung Sing Gwoon (洪聖館) or Great Sage Hall. The poetry is read from top to bottom and from left to right as is standard for traditional Chinese calligraphy. The transliteration and translation is replicated in the western order of reading below:

Hung Choy Ding Cheui Man Jeung Si
Greatness and power can only be achieved with both academic studies and experience.

Sing Syun Waan Tui Mou Leuk Tung
True understanding of martial arts requires both intuition and practice.

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Lohan Qigong