Qigong Pole 3 Hour Seminar - Sat Nov 26th

Life & Body Balance

Qigong Pole & Breathing exercises

w/ Masters Susan Bickel & Rebecca Bau

Venue: Level 2, 15 Goulburn St, Sydney
Date: Saturday, 26th November
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Fees: Poles are included in full fees
AUD$150 (Non-members)
AUD$120 (CLF members)
Second time doing seminar (poles not included)
AUD$95 (Non-members)
AUD$60 (CLF members)
RSVP: By 15th November (Deposits required)
Contact: Susan Bickel via phone or SMS: 0410 499 187

This seminar encompasses Qigong Pole and breathing techniques in the traditional Lohan Qigong System it is aimed for those who may experience the stresses of everyday life that have resulted in tension, sore muscles, stiffness, joint pain, shortness of breath and low energy.

Pole Exercise: Within the Lohan Qigong system the course incorporates a series of gentle exercises using a long pole to provide balance and movement whilst simultaneously working with mind, body & breath control.

Benefits include:

  • healthy posture and muscle balance
  • flexibility of the body, spinal health & coordination
  • circulation of blood & chi
  • invigorates the kidneys & strengthens the abdomen
  • relaxes your body and calms your mind
  • increased energy and a sense of wellbeing

The course is open to anyone of any age whether or not you have previous experience. The seminar is useful for those wishing to maintain a healthy body, flexibility & a focused mind.

Choy Lee Fut History Lecture - Monday Oct 17th

The 5th lecture by Sifu Paul about Choy Lee Fut history will be on this Monday Oct 17th after the regular beginner’s class.

Time – 7:00 to 7:30pm
Location – Sydney school
Cost – free for all members.

See you there!

2016 International Wing Sing Tong Disciples & Hung Sing Gwoon Instructors Seminar

Dear Members,

This year’s seminar will be run again in the world headquarters, the Sydney school in Chinatown. The dates are the 5th of November 2016 until the 12th of November 2016 followed by the celebration of Master Chen’s 65th Birthday on the night of the 12th and the Bai See ceremony for the new Leopard disciples.

Warm-up seminar

There will be a warm-up seminar for all Leopard applicants (2nd November until 4th November) that is free of charge and will cover:

  • Dai Hoi Mun Jong (all three sections)
  • Jeui Kuen (drunken boxing)
  • Noi Lem Sau Faat (internal three gates fighting techniques)
  • Siu Lohan (complete form.)

The seminar program is below

Kung Fu Program (8:30am-12:00pm)

  • REVISION: Di Hoi Mun Jong (big opening dummy – horse section)
  • Sil Jook Lum Jong (small bamboo forest dummy)
  • Moi Fa Bwa Gwa Jong (plum blossom eight trigram dummy)
  • Willow Leaf Gim
  • Noi Lem Sau Faat (internal three gates fighting techniques)
  • History lessons on the family Masters

Qigong Program (2:30pm-6:00pm)

  • Tai Git Kuen (Tai Chi Chuan)
  • Ng Wan Luk Hei Bwa Gwa Kung (5 elements with 6 energies harmony)
  • Mo Git Kuen (Wu Ji Chuan – ultimate form)
  • Kei Lung Sau (unicorn hands)
  • Therapeutic Lohan teachings


We plan to have a a full eight day program however with the Saturday a half day to relax and prepare for the ceremony of new disciples and Sifu’s Birthday where we have invited about 60 of our uncles and old brothers to join with us.

Disciples that can not attend may nominate a WST/HSG instructor member to come in their place for the seminar.

For logistics, costs etc, please email

We request you send the deposit by the 15th of October, for more details please email

Founder Chan Heung's 210 Anniversary Celebration

IMGP4161Last night we had the largest CLF event for many years: the celebration of our founder Chan Heung’s 210th anniversary. It was a great night with a Bai Sun ceremony, lion dance, speeches, Kung Fu & Qigong demonstrations and great food from Zilver Restaurant. Most importantly it was a chance for our honoured guests, members of the Chinatown community and old and new students & teachers from all the Chan Family schools and beyond to catch up and celebrate our strength and unity. Huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this together and who helped us celebrate!

Upcoming Seminars in Mendoza, Argentina

We are pleased to announce another round of international seminars, this time in Argentina. There will be 3 separate seminars, if you’re interested in attending please email


Centro de Congreso y Exposiciones de Mendoza
Avenida Peltier 611
Ciudad de Mendoza
Mendoza, Argentina

Lohan Qigong Seminar

Friday September 30, 2016 to Monday October 3, 2016 (total 4 days or 24 hours training with Grand Master Chen Yong Fa).

Stick and walking exercise for instructors
Eighteen Lohan
Siu Lohan
Dai Lohan
Ng Wan Luk Hei Bagua Kung

Kung Fu Seminar

Thursday September 29, 2016 to Monday October 3, 2016 (total 5 days or 25 hours teaching done by Tiger Disciples Sifu Paul Nomchong and Sifu João Chasse, supervision and upgrading done by Grand Master Chen Yong Fa).

Moi Fa Ba Gwa Sin (Plum Blossom Bagua Fan)
Fu Mei Gwan (Tiger’s Tail Staff)
Ba Gwa Saan Sau (Ba Gwa fighting techniques)

Open Lohan Qigong Seminar

Saturday October 1, 2016 from 9 am to noon and Sunday October 2, 2016 from 9 am to noon (total 2 days or 6 hours training with Grand Master Chen Yong Fa).

Six breaths
Dan Tien exercises
Qi gates exercises
San Jiao exercises
Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang walks
Eighteen Lohan

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