Choy Lee Fut is one of the most versatile martial arts systems in the world. Established in 1836 by Chan Heung, the system draws on a Shaolin tradition spanning centuries and includes kung fu, qigong, lion dance and more.

The Sydney school has been an iconic part of Sydney’s Chinatown for over 25 years and we’ve made it our mission to promote this rich southern Chinese tradition in Australia. Our school is at 15 Goulburn St, Haymarket, Sydney

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Qigong Open One-Day Seminar 2014

Wellness & Lifestyle

How to manage your stress for a happier healthy life, with Grand Master Chan Yong Fa.

Saturday, 27 September, 9am – 4pm

REGISTER your interest to Susan Bickel (0410499187) or email

Qigong stick exercise, Breathing exercise, Chinese foot bath demonstration

This seminar encompasses breathing techniques in the traditional Lohan Qigong System it is aimed for those who may have experience the stresses of everyday life that may have resulted in tension, sore muscles, shortness of breath, headaches, stiffness, joint pain & Arthritic tendencies.

  • Stick Exercise: Within the Lohan Qigong system the course incorporates a series of gentle exercises using a long or short circular pole with the intent to provide balance movement simultaneously working with mind, body & breath control. The stretching & breathing are beneficial for a desired healthy posture, guiding the movements with your stick will calm your mind, relax your body & keep the mind concentrated. Helps circulation of blood & chi invigorates the kidneys & strengthens the abdomen. Helps with greater flexibility of body, spinal health & coordination. The course is open to anyone of any age wheather or not you have had previous experience. The seminar is useful for those wishing to maintain a healthy body, flexibility & a focused mind…
  • Foot Bath Health: The seminar also introduces a concept of “foot bath” that helps to promote blood circulation,
    Improves your health & longevity & it also increases our body’s immune function. Soaking the feet in a warm water bath is a respected method of health care in traditional Chinese medicine. For therapeutic purposes the use of herbal soaks such as ginger & lemon are aimed to prevent “wind cold” which is often a fundamental cause of illness. A herbal foot bath before bed helps one to have a calmer mind, sleep’s more peaceful & reliefs tension in the body.

Grand Master Chan Yong Fa is a direct descendant of Shigong Chan Heung who founded Choy Lee Fut school in China over 170 years ago. The knowledge of Luohan Qigong has been an integral part of the family’s teaching system. Grand Master Chan Yong Fa is a qualified TCM practitioner and has his own clinic in Sydney for over three decades.

This Seminar is open to beginners (with no prior qigong experience) and other qigong/taiji practitioners. The seminar can also be useful to those aiming to enter into the health field or to improve TCM knowledge.

REGISTER your interest to Susan Bickel (0410499187) or email Contact Sifu Susan with any questions & to book your place. Places limited – bookings essential!

Venue: Level 2, 15 Goulburn Sreet, Sydney
Date: Saturday, 27 September 2014
Time: 9am – 4pm
Fees: AUD$185 (Non Members), AUD$150 (CLF Members)

Registration payment needs to be finalised by Monday 22nd September.

New morning kung fu classes are here!

Start your day fresher than ever

  • Learn the basics of kungfu over a 5 week course.
  • Get super fit and flexible.
  • No equipment or prior experience required.
  • For women and men.

Course includes FREE gift!

7am – 8am Tuesdays and Thursdays.

5 week course commencing Tuesday 12th of August.

*$160 inc GST (total of 10 classes).

To enrol, click on the image above or email David at General inquiries are also welcome!

Term 3 Begins

Term 3 is now on at the school from 14th July to 21st September 2014.

The school is being renovated to improve the training space. Entrance will be from the front office (Grand Master Chen Yong Fa’s clinic).

We are also increasing the number of classes. The fee structure has been updated to give students more flexibility as well as to let them train more classes. Most importantly, any student can now train any/all kung fu and qigong classes, making it easier to learn the full range of the Choy Lee Fut system. See here for the full fee and timetable details.