Kung Fu Children’s Classes

Our children’s classes are a special and safe program. We apply the training principles of our founder Chan Heung to the needs of modern kids so they can reach their full potential in a fun and controlled environment.

  • Sundays 10:30am – 12:00pm

Benefits of Choy Lee Fut kung fu for children:

  • Discipline and respect
  • Self-confidence and accountability
  • Concentration and balance
  • Co-ordination, dexterity and improved reaction
  • Practical self-defence skills
  • Friendship
  • Fitness and stamina

Our class is intended for children aged 5 to 15 years. It does not require any previous experience and is open to kids of all levels of fitness and physical ability. The program is adapted to the needs and learning pace of each child.

The children’s classes classes include:

  • Warm-ups and stretching
  • Horse stance and footwork training
  • Basic Choy Lee Fut punches, including self-defence applications
  • Basic Choy Lee Fut kicks, including self-defence applications
  • Hand and kick combinations on pads with power
  • Fist forms, including: 5 Wheel Horse, 5 Wheel Fist, Small Plum Blossom Fist and Cross-Pattern Blocking the Tiger Fist
  • Weapons, including: Double/Single Headed Striking Pole and Plum Flower Broadsword
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

Training fees are $100 annual membership and $150 per school term.

NOTE: All instructors at Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Qigong Sydney are accredited with a First Aid and CPR certificate. In addition, all instructors teaching children have an up to date Working With Children check.