2016 End of Year Dates

2016 is coming to a close, here are all the dates for the remaining events and things happening around the school.

  • Sat 10th Dec – Qi Gong Grading
  • Mon 12th Dec – Kung Fu Lecture (Fighting Theory)
  • Wed 14th Dec – Kung Fu Grading
  • Fri 16th Dec – Last Kung Fu Class
  • Sat 17th Dec – Last Qi Gong Class
  • Sat 17th Dec – CLF Christmas Party – Hannibal Restaurant (Glebe)
  • Sat 18th Dec – Last Chinatown School Kids Class

We hope all students and teachers have a great break and are well rested for Chinese New Year and training in 2017 — stay tuned for the 2017 calendar announcements!