Qigong Beginner Classes

The beginner classes are designed to introduce you to multiple aspects of the Lohan Qigong system and give you a solid skill foundation to start benefiting from the system’s breathing, meditation and relaxation aspects.

  • Tuesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Thursdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Saturdays 9:00am – 10:15am

Benefits of our qigong training:

  • Stretch and strengthen your muscles, tendons and internal organs
  • Calm your mind and attain a meditative state
  • Regulate your breathing and increase circulation
  • Improve your coordination
  • Activate your meridian channels
  • Be part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back to the monastic practices of the Shaolin temple

This class does not have any pre-requisites and are tailored to all adults regardless of your level of fitness or physical ability. Your instructor will discuss with you how the training can be modified to suit your needs.

Beginner classes include:

  • Warming up your body, muscles, joints, ligaments and qi.
  • Basic Lohan Qigong breathing exercises.
  • Lohan Qigong walks: the first exercises that coordinate breathing and movement.
  • Lohan Qigong medical basics including massage.
  • Introduction to the Eighteen Lohan, the first Lohan Qigong form.

Students will typically train the beginners class for at least 1-2 years before advancing to the intermediate class, however many of our students find the beginners class alone is suitable enough for their needs.

Below is the full curriculum for the beginner class:

Beginners Level 1

  • Basics: Four breathing exercises.
  • Basics: Four breathing exercises with singing.
  • Walks: Internal massage walk
  • Walks: Gall bladder channel walk
  • Massage: Basic facial massage
  • Forms: Sun & moon palms (breathing)
  • Forms: Sun & moon palms (singing)

Beginners Level 2

  • Basics: Natural breathing
  • Basics: Working the gates: spine breathing & hand movements
  • Walks: Pao Seik walk
  • Walks: Yang walk
  • Massage: Basic Jiao organ massage
  • Forms: Sun & moon palms (exercise)
  • Forms: Dragon section

Beginners Level 3

  • Basics: San Jiao Breathing
  • Basics: Dan Tian singing
  • Walks: Yin walk
  • Massage: Basic body massage & points
  • Forms: Tiger section

Beginners Level 4

  • Basics: San Jiao full exercises
  • Walks: Yin & Yang walk
  • Massage: Facial & head massage points
  • Forms: Crane section
1 Four breathing exercises
Four breathing exercises with singing
Internal massage walk
Gall bladder channel walk
Basic facial massage Sun & moon palms (breathing)
Sun & moon palms (singing)
2 Natural breathing
Working the gates: spine breathing & hand movements
Pao Seik walk
Yang walk
Basic Jiao organ massage Sun & moon palms (full exercise)
Dragon section
3 San Jiao breathing
Dan Tian singing
Yin walk Basic body massage & points Tiger section
4 San Jiao full exercises Yin & Yang walk Facial & head massage points Crane section

NOTE: All instructors at Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Qigong Sydney are accredited with a First Aid and CPR certificate. In addition, all instructors teaching children have an up to date Working With Children check.