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October One Day Seminar – Sat 27th

Continuing this year's seminar series, we have another combined Kung Fu and Qigong seminar. Date: Saturday 27th October Time: 9am-5pm (with lunch break) Location: The Sydney school Price: $120 Curriculum: Sa Ba Jong (Sand Bag Dummy) and San Jiao (Triple...

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Australian National CLF Seminar 14th-15th July – Nowra

The Chan Family Choy Lee Fut System has a variety of double weapons which range from double knives, double swords, double axes, double hammers and the list goes on. Each form teaches the use of both hands to enhance balance and coordination between your left and right...

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Gung Ji Fook Fu & Sup Baat Lohan Seminar – 21 Apr 2018

Date: Saturday April 21st Time: 9am-5pm (with lunch break) Location: Choy Lee Fut Sydney Price: $120 Gung Ji Fook Fu (Subduing the Tiger) - Half Form While most primary level Choy Lee Fut forms teach a wide range of techniques, Gung Ji Fook Fu contains only a few. The...

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Qigong Pole Seminar – 13th Jan 2018

Qigong Yin Yang Pole - “Life & Body Balance” seminar with Masters Susan Bickel & Rebecca Bau Saturday 13th January Level 1: 10:30am - 1pm Level 2: 3pm - 5:30pm (for those who have done level 1) These seminars encompass Qigong Pole and breathing...

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