Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, a safe holiday and have a happy and healthy 2019!

I wanted to share some of the changes for Choy Lee Fut in 2019:

More Training

Classes will no longer be on terms but will run year-round to provide you with more opportunities to train! This means regular classes will start this Monday 7th January and will go until Sunday 22nd December. Special events that used to be held between terms (eg. seminars/workshops, gradings, open days) will still run at regular intervals.

Simpler Fees

The membership fee will be incorporated into class fees so you will have just one price to keep track of. There will be a small price increase, our first in over 8 years. With the extra training hours, we think the fees will provide more value than ever. The fees are:

  • Adults 10 Visit Pass: $200.
  • Adults 3 Months Unlimited Pass: $380.
  • Children’s 3 Months Unlimited Pass: $180.

Note that the 3 month passes include 13 weeks of training, several weeks more than the old term system. You can buy these passes on the website or when you come in. Discounts are available if you want to pay for 6 or 12 months in advance, if you’re interested please email me on [email protected].

More Classes

We are working on some other exciting announcements, including new classes, which will be announced shortly. I look forward to 2019 and hope that these changes will make it easier for you and all CLF students to reach their fitness, health and self defence goals. See you in class!

Paul Nomchong
Fire Dragon Disciple
Director – Choy Lee Fut Sydney