Continuing this year’s seminar series, we have another combined Kung Fu and Qigong seminar.

Date: Saturday 27th October
Time: 9am-5pm (with lunch break)
Location: The Sydney school
Price: $120
Curriculum: Sa Ba Jong (Sand Bag Dummy) and San Jiao (Triple Burner) Exercises

Sa Ba Jong (Sand Bag Dummy)

Taught by Leopard Disciple Sifu David Collins
The wooden dummies are an essential part of the Shaolin Kung Fu system with each dummy training different skills, for example speed, strength and conditioning. Of all the Kung Fu styles, Choy Lee Fut has preserved the most of the Shaolin dummy system with over 18 dummies in our curriculum. The Sa Ba Jong (Sand Bag Dummy) is the first moving dummy taught to students. Consisting of a single, swinging heavy bag, it doesn’t require a difficult construction unlike other more complex dummies. This dummy is suitable for students of all levels and focuses on applying Choy Lee Fut basics to fighting, especially advancing, retreating, switching sides and generating power to fight an opponent that might be larger and heavier than you.

San Jiao (Triple Burner) Exercise

Taught by Leopard Disciples Sijie Susan Bickel and Sifu Callum De Blanc
“San” means “three” and “Jiao” refers to the three specialized TCM groupings of the internal organs. The upper Jiao governs the lungs (breathing/respiration) and heart. The middle Jiao is the area between the diaphragm & umbilicus and governs the digestive system, spleen & stomach. The lower Jiao is the part of the abdomen below the umbilicus and regulates the intestines, kidneys, bladder & sexual organs. The San Jiao exercise helps energise the body and works the body’s Gates, Jiaos and Dantiens. We will be learning a basic San Jiao exercise to train (1) basic movement (2) basic movement with breathing (3) Dantien-based singing.

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