The Chan Family Choy Lee Fut System has a variety of double weapons which range from double knives, double swords, double axes, double hammers and the list goes on. Each form teaches the use of both hands to enhance balance and coordination between your left and right sides of the body. Like all other forms in our system, they will focus on yin energy, yang energy or a combination of both by the use of the breath and specific physiology. This coming seminar, Tiger Disciple Sifu Craig Davenport will introduce you to the “Seung Duen Gwan” or Double Short Pole form.

The Chan Family Choy Lee Fut system is renowned for its fierce fighting system. The diversity of hand and foot techniques, angles of blocks and attacks, long range and close range, and the use of different powers of execution of techniques. We are very lucky to have our Dragon Disciple Sifu Barry Hale share his years of practical experience through intense hours of Sarn Da training during this coming seminar. Don’t forget to bring your gloves and wraps.

Date: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July
Teachers: Dragon Disciple Sifu Barry Hale and Tiger Disciple Sifu Craig Davenport
Location: Shoalhaven Kung Fu Academy
Address: 23-27 Moss Street, Nowra, 2541
Cost: $180 (Includes Seung Duen Gwan and lunch on Sunday. $50 Deposit required by Friday 15th June.)

9am-12pm – Sifu Barry – Sarn Da
12pm-2pm Lunch
2pm-3pm – Sifu Craig – Sup Baat Lohan
3pm-5pm – Sifu Craig – Seung Duen Gwan

8am-10am – Sifu Barry – Sarn Da
10am-12pm – Sifu Craig – Seung Duen Gwan
12pm-1pm Party/Lunch.

RSVP: Because accommodation and transport will be organised, we will need initial RSVPs by 7th June with a deposit for the seminar by Friday 15th June. Please SMS Sifu Paul on 0410 662 795 if you are interested in attending this seminar and mention if you would like us to organise accommodation and transport for the event.