Date: Saturday April 21st
Time: 9am-5pm (with lunch break)
Location: Choy Lee Fut Sydney
Price: $120

Gung Ji Fook Fu (Subduing the Tiger) – Half Form

While most primary level Choy Lee Fut forms teach a wide range of techniques, Gung Ji Fook Fu contains only a few. The form chiefly focuses on training hard/external power through basic stances and hand techniques. Despite being relatively easy to learn, there is a lot to train for practitioners from beginner to advanced level. The “hard” power of Gung Ji Fook Fu is not done through brute strength alone – it teaches the foundation of making use of your qi, which you will then use in more advanced ways to generate power in other forms and in fighting.

Sup Baat Lohan (Eighteen Arhats) – Final Part

This Qigong form that can be done both using hard power (to train tendons and martial prowess) and soft power (to train the qi). In this seminar, we will train the form to completion. The form will take a softer approach to balance the hard power of Gung Ji Fook Fu.

To book, please contact Sifu Michael on [email protected] or 0402929460.