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Lion Dance Classes

NOTE: This page refers to classes we hold for our students to teach them lion dance. If you’re interested -in booking a lion dance with our school, please visit our website https://sydneyliondance.com.au/.

A lot of Kung Fu schools contain lion dance as part of their system. Chan Family Choy Lee Fut includes lion dance, dragon dance and unicorn dance, however lion dance is what’s taught to practitioners first.

  • Lion dance classes are held based on demand throughout the year and especially at the start of the Chinese New Year season.

Benefits of our lion dance training:

  • Improves your kung fu stances
  • Improves your fitness – it’s harder than it looks!
  • Improves your strength, flexibility and agility
  • Be part of a rich Chinese cultural tradition

This class is tailored to all students regardless of your level of fitness or physical ability. Because the participants range from complete beginners to those with over 20 years’ experience, each class’s instructor will tailor the training can be modified to suit your physical ability.

Lion dance classes include:

  • Introduction to lion dance
  • Lion dance instruments: cymbals, gong and drum
  • The lion tail
  • Introduction to the lion head
  • Intermediate and advanced routines in the lion head
  • Lion dance traditions, etiquette and protocol

NOTE: All instructors at Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Qigong Sydney are accredited with a First Aid and CPR certificate. In addition, all instructors teaching children have an up to date Working With Children check.