Qigong Practice for Better Health
With Masters Miranda Budiman & Callum White


  • Next Course Dates: Saturdays from 14th March to 4th April, 2020
  • Course Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Venue: The Chinatown school (15 Goulburn St Sydney)
  • Cost: $200 ($150 Concession)
  • Open to anyone regardless of age, health & experience
  • Places are limited - bookings essential

    The introductory course on Siu Lohan Qigong teaches soft, flowing and circular movements with an emphasis on the breath to generate the movement of Qi (vital energy) to provide therapeutic benefits. Through movement, controlled breathing and mindfulness we can help re-establish the flow of Qi and balance Yin and Yang within the body.

    By developing man’s ‘Three Treasures’ – Jing 精 (Body), Qi 氣 (Energy) and Shen 神 (Mind) we can promote a long and healthy life. Our experience has shown that good health, fitness and therapeutic results can be achieved through the regular practicing of Lohan Qigong.


    • Therapeutic exercises – relaxed body movements to calm the mind, harmonise our essence and simulate vital energy
    • Breathing – techniques to relax the mind, promote energy flow and stimulate organ functions.
    • Massage – massage acupressure points for therapeutic effects.
    • Meditation – achieve a calmer state of mind.
    • Learning to rebalance Yin and Yang within the body.


    Benefits include stress management and reduced anxiety, a calmer mind and emotional balance, good health and vigour, better joint mobility and flexibility as well as improved posture and alignment. The course will provide you with an individual therapeutic Qigong exercise program.

    Come and experience these benefits in the Siu Lohan course and learn a number of breathing exercises, meditation techniques and gentle stretching movements to promote the flow of energy within the body.


    This introductory course is open to anyone of any age whether or not you have previous experience in Lohan Qigong. Any person interested in learning about these health and wellbeing practices is welcome. If you have any questions, contact us on [email protected]

    Want to learn more? Sijie Miranda will be giving a free overview and demonstration of what the course will cover on Tuesday 2nd April (7:15pm – 8:00pm) and Saturday 13th April (11:15am – 12:00pm). These are drop-in sessions with no need to register online, she will also be available to answer questions about the course.

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      Siu Lohan – 4 Week Course

      $200.00 Register
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      Siu Lohan – 4 Week Course (Concession)

      $150.00 Register


    Sijie Miranda Budiman’s journey in Lohan Qigong began more than 15 years ago – a love and passion for an ancient art that has made her delve deeper into its understanding and doesn’t show any signs of withering. A Leopard Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, she continually works under his guidance and mentor. Through Lohan Qigong, she has touched people’s lives. She loves the outdoors – being near the water or in the water, swimming, boating, skiing and being part of nature or simply watching the ferry go by – but it is the practice of Lohan Qigong which is her foremost passion and the driving force to her daily vitality. “Qigong is more than physical exercise. When faced with life’s many challenges, whether mentally, physically or emotionally the one thing I will not forgo is qigong practice.”

    Master Callum White’s journey in Lohan Qigong began 13 years ago through a continued passion for kung fu and martial arts.  He started learning Choy Lee Fut kung fu and Lion dance in 1994 under Master Franco Riggio and later under Dragon disciple Master James Lui at the Perth Choy Lee Fut school in Western Australia.  Currently residing in Sydney he continues his learning under the guidance of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa as a Leopard disciple.  Callum has a passion for health and wellness practices and is a certified Fitness Instructor.  He believes that “the practice of Lohan Qigong can help improve day to day life through increased mobility, vitality and mental calmness.  Even a small amount of time spent each day can help to improve one’s health”.