Private Kung Fu & Qigong Lessons

In addition to the standard class structure, Choy Lee Fut Sydney offers private classes. These are ideal for those looking to get as much hands-on instructor time as possible and take advantage of the chance to learn traditional Chan Family Choy Lee Fut and/or Lohan Qigong in Australia.

Your instructor will assess your fitness level, experience and goals and modify the standard curriculum to suit your needs.

Costs are as follows (each lesson being one hour):

  • $120 for one-off lesson
  • $450 for a 5-lesson pack
  • $800 for a 10-lesson pack
  • $60 annual membership (discounted from $100 for non-private students)

To learn more or speak to an instructor about your training goals, email us at [email protected].

NOTE: All instructors at Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu & Qigong Sydney are accredited with a First Aid and CPR certificate. In addition, all instructors teaching children have an up to date Working With Children check.