To help Sydneysiders get through the current period, we’re running free online classes in basic Kung Fu for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • No equipment needed
  • Open to all residents of Sydney
  • Tailored to all ages (adults and children)
  • Tailored to all fitness levels
  • Tailored for home-based training
  • Learn basic stances, kicks & punches
  • Get regular exercise
  • Improve strength, fitness, flexibility and agility
  • Increase focus, stamina and confidence
  • When training starts, you can turn off your webcam for privacy
  • To start, fill out the registration form


Full Name*


*If you only provide a first or incomplete name, for security reasons we will not be able to admit you to the class.

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Looks like you’re not located in Sydney. Currently the free classes are only available to people in Sydney, if this changes we’ll update the website. If you are using a VPN or ad blocker this may interfere with the form, turning them off and refreshing the page should work.




Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective fighting method and martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork. Choy Lee Fut combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of southern styles with the versatile kicks of the northern systems and includes fist forms, weapons and Shaolin wooden dummies.