Why Train With Us?

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Lohan Qigong is a complete health maintenance system with benefits which promote a relaxed and balanced attitude, good health and vigour of the body through activating the flow of qi (life force energy). It is taught from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and includes practical qigong exercises, therapeutic massage, meditation and diet. Most importantly, this family based system teaches us how to improve health and well being for ourselves and our family and friends.

Our training is available to everyone, whatever your age or condition. Our school provides a supportive environment for you to develop your skills at your own pace.

Benefits of our qigong training

  • Strengthen muscles, tendons and internal organs
  • Calm the mind and increase circulation
  • Activate meridian channels
  • Regulate breathing
  • Improve coordination for other activities
  • Be part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back to the monastic practices of the Shaolin temple

Lohan Qigong in context

  • Lohan Qigong contains a tai chi form and includes the soft elements of tai chi — as well as the harder elements to strengthen the body
  • Lohan Qigong contains similar stretching and strengthening elements found in yoga — as well as more dynamic elements
  • Lohan Qigong contains a meditation component you can find in a meditation class — as well as the physical component to help maintain concentration during meditation.


I haven’t done a physical activity before, or I have a medical condition. Will Lohan Qigong be suitable?
Our classes do not have any pre-requisites and are tailored to all students regardless of your level of fitness or physical ability. Lohan Qigong is an adaptable system and your instructor will discuss with you how the training can be modified to suit your needs.

How long do I need to be training to attain proficiency?
Although you should be feeling benefits from your first sessions, Lohan Qigong is an extensive system and it may take many years to master even the basics. Most students can get to a reasonable level of proficiency in the basic exercises and 18 Lohan (the first form) after a year of attending 1-2 classes a week.

What should I bring to class?
If you are new, bring white pants and a white shirt, shoes/sneakers and a bottle of water. Everything else will be provided.