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All qigong classes begin with a warmup, proceed to the main part of the class and end with a cool-down. For warm-ups, we explore the basics of qigong, including stick exercises, breathing exercises and the qigong walks.

Classes then proceed to practice of the main Qigong form of the class. Each form contains a wealth of movements, theories and exercises and can take over a year to learn. Forms are taught in the following order:

  • Sup Baat Lo Han (18 Lohan/Arhats): The beginner form teaches the external aspect of qigong. It is designed to strengthen the muscles, tendons and gates through long, stretching movements. It also teaches coordination of breath with movement.
  • Siu Lo Han (Small Lohan/Arhats): The intermediate form teaches a more internal aspect of qigong. Movements are more circular, flowing and continuous. The aim of the form is to learn to focus on qi and the 3 Dan Tien points.
  • Dai Lo Han (Big Lohan/Arhats): The advanced form teaches the use of the mind (shen) to control breathing and qi flow. Performed while sitting down, it incorporates meditation, breathing and some movement.

The full beginners Qigong curriculum is below:

1 4 breaths
4 breaths with singing
Internal massage walk
Gall bladder channel walk
Basic facial massage Sun & moon palms breathing
Sun & moon palms singing
2 Natural breathing
Upper, middle & lower breathing
Pao Seik walking
Yang Walking
Basic Jiao organ massage Sun & moon palms exercise
Dragon form
3 San Jiao Breathing
Dan Tian singing
Yin Walking Basic body massage Tiger form
4 San Jiao Exercises Yin & Yang Walking Facial & head massage Crane form