Qigong Yin Yang Pole (Level 1 & 2) and Lion Dance Seminar

LEVEL 1: Saturday 14th, January, 9am – 12pm
LEVEL 2: Saturday 21st, January, 9am – 12pm
with Masters Paul Nomchong, Susan Bickel & Rebecca Bau.

This seminar encompasses Qigong Pole and breathing techniques in the traditional Lohan Qigong System. It is aimed at those who may experience the stresses of everyday life that have resulted in tension, sore muscles, stiffness, joint pain, shortness of breath and low energy.

Pole Exercise

Within the Lohan Qigong system the course incorporates a series of gentle exercises using a long pole to provide balance and movement whilst simultaneously working with mind, body & breath control. Benefits include:

  • healthy posture and muscle balance
  • flexibility of the body, spinal health & coordination
  • circulation of blood & chi
  • invigorates the kidneys & strengthens the abdomen
  • relaxes your body and calms your mind
  • increased energy and a sense of wellbeing

The course is open to anyone of any age whether or not you have previous experience. The seminar is useful for those wishing to maintain a healthy body, flexibility & a focused mind.

Lion Dance

Lion dance plays an important role in Chinese culture, with performances forming an integral part of business openings, weddings, celebrations, Chinese New Year and other important occasions. Choy Lee Fut has a distinctive style of lion dance, as developed by Chan Heung, containing both northern-style and southern-style lion dance. It is particularly famous for its fighting lion, or the martial style of lion dance that uses the kung fu training’s strong turning of the waist to generate power in the lion.

The Sydney school continues this tradition and holds regular performances during Chinese New Year and throughout the year.

Venue: Level 2, 15 Goulburn Sreet, Sydney
Level 1: Saturday, 14th January
Level 2: Saturday, 21st January (must have done level 1)
9am – 11am (Qigong Pole Excercise)
11am – 12pm (Lion Dance)
Fees: Poles are included in the price
AUD$150 (Non Members) – per day
AUD$120 (CLF Members) – per day
Second time doing seminar (poles not included):
AUD$95 (Non Members) – per day
AUD$60 (CLF Members) – per day
Level 1 by 8th January.
Level 2 by 14th January.

Register your interest via phone or SMS to Susan Bickel (0410 499 187).

Places limited – bookings essential.

2017 Wing Sing Tong Seminar Details

Please see below for the 2017 program. To register your interest about any of the courses, email Dai Sihing Mark Whelan.

Master Course in Chan Family Medicine

Location: Sydney
Dates: April 19 to April 23, 2017

This course is for disciples that have a medical degree, natural or herapeutic certification. The course is an opportunity for Sifu to pass on both his family and personal treatment methodology, practical observation of treatments along with rehabilitation using the Lohan system.

WST+HSG Lohan Qigong Course

Location: Montreal
Dates: June 1st to June 5th, 2017

This course is for licensed instructor members and will cover teaching methodology and practise of Tai Git Kue, Ng Wan Luk Hei, Mou Git, Dai Lohan, with a textbook provided. To add to our learning experience, Sifu will assign Tiger disciples to run a 90 minute Kung Fu class each day (teaching a new weapon form and revising Fei Lung Sin and Sup Ying Kuen). Sifu will supervise and test all applicants at the completion of the Kung fu courses.

Accommodation has been offered as free stay in the school, free billet with the Canadian members or make your own private arrangements at your costs.

Disciples China Trip

Location: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Fut Saan, Ging Mui
Dates: August 26th to September 1st, 2017

This trip is only to support Sifu and visit all the relevant associations to attend the Chan Heung birthday celebrations. We will be doing 3-5 demos a day and attending many functions. If you are a disciple and you are serious and understand the commitment please contact Dai Sihing Mark Whelan.

WST+HSG Kung Fu & Qigong Course

Location: Sydney
Dates: November 1st to November 12th, 2017

The Kung Fu program will include the Juk Lam Jong, Dou Jong, Ba Gwa Jong and the complete Moi Fa Ba Gwa Jong and soft Gim. The Qigong program will include the Mou Git and Tai Git forms, unicorn hands and 9 Palace Dummy training.

2016 End of Year Dates

2016 is coming to a close, here are all the dates for the remaining events and things happening around the school.

  • Sat 10th Dec – Qi Gong Grading
  • Mon 12th Dec – Kung Fu Lecture (Fighting Theory)
  • Wed 14th Dec – Kung Fu Grading
  • Fri 16th Dec – Last Kung Fu Class
  • Sat 17th Dec – Last Qi Gong Class
  • Sat 17th Dec – CLF Christmas Party – Hannibal Restaurant (Glebe)
  • Sat 18th Dec – Last Chinatown School Kids Class

We hope all students and teachers have a great break and are well rested for Chinese New Year and training in 2017 — stay tuned for the 2017 calendar announcements!

Choy Lee Fut Fighting Theory Lecture - Monday Dec 12th

The 6th lecture by Sifu Paul about Choy Lee Fut fighting theory will be on this Monday Dec 12th after the regular beginner’s class.

Time – 7:00 to 7:30pm
Location – Sydney school
Cost – free for all members.

See you there!

Congratulations to all the participants of the WST Sydney Seminar!

International brothers and sisters who finished the Sydney WST Qigong seminar a few weeks ago

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