Why Train With Us?

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Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is a complete system of martial arts promoting self-defence, fitness and balance. This is a traditional kung fu school: not a gym and definitely not a studio. We follow the rules, training methods and and traditions that were set out more the 200 years ago by our founder, Chen Heung and which stretch back further to the Shaolin temple.

Our training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere and is accessible to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Our school provides a supportive environment for you to develop your skills at your own pace.

Benefits of our kung fu training

  • The benefits of regular exercise at the level of intensity that suits you
  • Strength, flexibility and agility
  • Mental focus and stamina
  • Practical effective self-defence and fighting skills
  • Confidence and improved health and fitness
  • Be part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back to the monastic practices of the Shaolin temple

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu in context

  • Choy Lee Fut uses the whole body to generate powerful punches like boxing — as well as a wide range of angles of attack
  • Choy Lee Fut uses a rich variety of kicks like taekwondo — as well as an emphasis on mobile footwork
  • Choy Lee Fut contains grappling, pressure points and joint locks like wrestling/Jiu Jitsu — as well as self-defence using weapons


How fit should I be to train?
Although being fit will make your initial training easier, it is not a pre-requisite. Your training will be adapted to your level of fitness. Furthermore, training Choy Lee Fut is an excellent way to get fitter.

How long do I need to be training to attain proficiency?
Choy Lee Fut is an extensive system. Even after decades of training, students always feel like there’s more to learn. However, most students can get to a reasonable level of proficiency in basics and proceed to intermediate class after a year of attending classes 2-3 times a week.

What should I bring to class?
If you are new, bring comfortable black pants and a black tshirt, a bottle of water and some wraps or bag gloves if you are going to be punching bags. Shoes/sneakers are optional in the training hall so you can train barefoot or with shoes.