Adult Classes

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Beginners Class

The idea of the Beginner’s Class is to teach good quality, basic but detailed instruction, safe movement of the body and to increase the general fitness and well-being of the individual. Stretching and relaxing of the body, correct posture and movement being the key focal point within the class.

The class will begin with a warm up of dynamic stretching, followed by a punching and kicking combinations and horse stance training. Once the body is warmed up, we will then proceed to training 2 sets of basic hand combinations and 2 kicking techniques as detailed in the beginner’s curriculum. Each class will concentrate on one of the levels in the curriculum. Then class will then move onto forms training.

Beginners classes finish with a short pad-work class (to teach power and practical application) and weapons class (to teach the basics of the weapons) on alternating days. The beginner’s class curriculum is below:

1 Cheung Ngaan Choi (Spearing Eye Punch)
Charp Choi (Stabbing Punch)
Dung Geuk (Heel Kick)
Deng Geuk (Nail Kick)
Ng Lun Ma – 1st Half (5 Wheel Horse)
2 Loi Yum Choi (Cork Screw Punch)
Sau Choi (Sweeping Punch)
Charn Geuk (Side Kick)
Sau Geuk (Round House Kick)
Ng Lun Ma – Full (5 Wheel Horse)
3 Pek Choi (Axe Punch)
Dart Choi (Spinning Back Punch)
Jarp Geuk (Blade Kick)
Yeung Geuk (Instep Kick)
Ng Lun Choi – 1st Half (5 Wheel Fist)
4 Cup Choi (Clobber Punch)
Pau Choi (Canon Punch)
Dung Charn Geuk (Spinning Side Kick)
Au Sau Geuk (Spinning Hook Kick)
Ng Lun Choi – Full (5 Wheel Fist)

Intermediate+Advanced Class

Intermediate class aims to improve the student’s energy in executing the techniques as well as progress the student through the Choy Lee Fut forms syllabus. More time is spent on finer details, applications and power. The class teaches advanced footwork and techniques, fist forms, weapon forms and dummy forms. The class will also prepare the student to potentially proceed to instructor/master level.

1 Siu Moi Fa
(Little Plum Blossom Fist)
Seung Gap Daan Gwan
(Double and Single Headed Striking Pole)
Ching Jong
(Balance Dummy)
2 Sup Ji Jit Fu Kuen
(Cross Pattern Subdue the Tiger Fist)
Moi Fa Daan Dou
(Plum Blossom Broadsword)
Sa Ba Jong
(Sand Bag Dummy)
3 Dai Sup Ji Kau Da Kuen
(Big Cross Smashing Fist Form)
Gwan Dou
(General Gwan’s Halberd)
4 Sei Mun Kiu Jau Saang Ma
(Four Opening Bridges, Running the Live Horse)
Soi Sau Sin
(Breaking Hand Fan)
Sup Ji Doi Chag
(Cross Pattern Sparring Form)
5 Baat Gwa Saam
(Heart of the 8 Directions Fist Form)
Wu Dip Seung Dou
(Butterfly Double Knives)
Sup Baat Yam Yeung Gwan, Tun Yang Jong
(18 Strikes with Ying+Yang Pole Sparring Form
Copperman Dummy)