Kung Fu

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Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is is designed to build a strong foundation and develop basic skills which are then continually built upon to improve a student’s abilities. A Choy Lee Fut practitioner learns to use the body as one complete unit, by training a strong stable but very agile horse stance combined with very fast and fluid hand and foot techniques. All punches, kicks, palms, kness and elbows follow the 8 directions of the Ba Gwa, which allows for all angles of attack and defence.

The initial forms work first on building a strong horse stance, developing extensive muscle, ligament and tendon strength in the legs while introducing the first basic hand techniques. Further forms work on this basic structure to improve mobility in the footwork and more complex and adaptable hand and kicking techniques. As a student progresses through the forms they are introduced to a more developed system, eventually including throwing, grappling, wooden dummy and sandbag techniques and weapons. Classes also include extensive San Da training, which is contact pad training and sparring designed to teach real fighting skills for tournament or for self-defence.

The Choy Lee Fut system of kung fu contains the following (divided into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels):

  • Over 40 solo fist forms
  • Over 10 multi-person fist forms
  • Over 90 solo weapon forms
  • Over 33 multi-person weapon forms
  • Over 18 Shaolin wooden dummy forms for hand techniques and weaponry
  • Fighting, grappling and takedown techniques